About Dr. Jeannie V. Pasacreta, PhD, APRN, CEO

Jeannie V. Pasacreta



The head of Integrated Mental Health Services, Jeannie Pasacreta, PhD, APRN received a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Villanova University (1978), a Masters from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (1982), and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania with an emphasis on differentiating and treating stress related versus clinical depression in complex cases. Dr. Pasacreta was a full time Associate Professor & Director of the graduate program in psychiatric nursing at Yale University (1997-2004).


In 2006, she transitioned a full time private practice offering clinical and consultation services, mental health advocacy and research. She continues her affiliation with Yale as an Associate Clinical Professor. At the same time, Integrated Mental Health Services LLC, serves as both a clinical site where the next generation of mental health professionals receive mentoring and a place where comprehensive psychiatric advocacy and health care can be delivered to those who need it most.


Dr. Pasacreta has served the Newtown area since 2006 and has a strong desire to promote a long overdue paradigm shift for conceptualizing, preventing and treating mental health problems, especially among the disenfranchised who may not have otherwise received treatment.