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Integrated Mental Health Services LLC

4 Abbey Ln

Newtown CT, 06470

Tel: 203-270-0080

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Maria Morabito received a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education (1983), a Masters of Arts (1988) and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)(1996) from Fairfield University with an emphasis on Counseling and Special Education, and an Administrative certificate (092) from Sacred Heart University (2002). In 2021, she transitioned to IMHS private practice offering clinical and consultation services and mental health advocacy. 


Maria understands the ever-changing challenges adolescents, young adults, and adults face that have the potential to create tensions within their lives. To remove these barriers, she believes counseling is a vital and integral component of the process. In her practice, she uses  a  Humanistic and Person-Centered approach to counseling. 


During her career, Maria served the Fairfield County area as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Special Education Teacher, and Administrator. This experience has led to a strong desire to promote a long overdue paradigm shift for an individualized and cohesive approach, focusing on developing real strategies for enacting positive change.

Education & Training


Southern Connecticut State University

BS Special Education


Fairfield University

MS Special Counseling


Fairfield University

C.A.S Special Education

2011 - 2021

Cooperative Educational Services

Developmental Learning Center Director/Principal

Adjunct Professor
Sacred Heart University

Philosophy of Care

Maria Morabito CAS, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, specializes in cognitive techniques that are solution-focused, relational and strength-based, including teaching the importance of mindfulness. In this way, she helps to guide individuals to recognize their stressors, expand their perspective, collaboratively identify solutions, all while increasing the client’s feelings of self worth.


A safe therapeutic space is critical to the therapy experience so that the individual feels heard, understood, and supported while learning skills to navigate life’s challenges. During events of high stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, Maria’s approach is warm and caring, as she encourages open communication, collaboration, and participation. Maria has extensive experience working with adults and children with Autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. She is passionate about providing effective support, working to understand the unique perspective of each individual. She focuses on identifying strengths that can help clients achieve their goals. Throughout her career, she has also been a strong advocate for schools to improve school-family communication, creating an individualized, culturally sensitive and holistic approach to therapy.  With a warm and compassionate demeanor, Maria is committed to helping clients achieve desired outcomes without judgement.​

By integrating a strength-based perspective with other evidenced-based theoretical models, she can treat individuals or couples struggling with the following.

Areas of Expertise



Stress Management

Self Esteem

Behavioral Issues

Life Transitions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mood Disorders

Family Conflict

Anger Management

Parenting and Family Lifestyle Transitions

Coparenting Divorce

Blended Stepfamily Support

Relationship Difficulties

Personal Growth

Grief and Loss

Treatment Preferences



Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Coping skills training for pain and symptoms





Client Focus

Ethnicity: Any

Religious Orientation: Any

Age: Children, Adolescent, Adults, Elders

Gender: All

Current Work

Maria Morabito CAS, LPC is currently working on reaching out to local public schools in Fairfield County in order to survey mental health professionals on the current state of mental health services provided by public schools and in order to offer school mental health professionals the many services of our practice. Here is a link to the letter:

Integrated Mental Health Services LLC

4 Abbey Lane 

Newtown, CT 06470

Tel: 203-270-0080

Fax: 203-304-1191


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